If you needed a little bit of inspiration to get you through some of the tough times we’re all going through due to the coronavirus pandemic, look no further.

Wadsworth High School students who were part of the cast of the musical Bright Star, came together online to give a virtural performance of the song ‘Sun Is Gonna Shine Again.’

Wadsworth High School students are using their amazing talent to spread hope and joy during this time of uncertainty.

The cast from the school’s fall show reprised their rendition of ‘Sun’s Gonna Shine’ from the musical ‘Bright Star.’

In light of the current situation, the students said they wanted to do something positive and remind everyone, that the sun will shine again.

Impeccable timing and editing skills were recently put to great use by Wadsworth High School’s Off Broad Street Players, as the student group put together a virtual choir performance following the cancellation of their spring musical.

Each choir member recorded their own portion of the video without hearing their peers, using musical timing and muscle memory from months of preparation to form a perfect rendition of “Sun Is Gonna Shine Again,” a song from their fall musical, “Bright Star.”

Each performance was then sent to choir member Alex Miller, who edited it into an eye-catching and seamless performance. The junior revealed the project Wednesday in a story he wrote for Wadsworth High’s student newspaper, The Bruin.

Junior Alex Miller, who edited the video, said they decided to do it after the students saw several videos on social media of choirs and musicals coming together to perform online, many of them grieving the cancellations of their scheduled performances.

The Wadsworth students were themselves grieving the cancellation of the Dazzle Awards for high school theater, held at Playhouse Square every year.

Alex then meticulously edited everyone’s parts together and posted the video.

“It’s a perfect song, too for right now,” he said. “We have to know that things will get better.”